Team Of Professionals

The role of our Management Team is to lead and inspire. Together they provide direction for the company’s continued success in business.

Easy and Affortable

Adityaa’s Main Concept is to reach a Common Man. Our management decides to do something for common People. 

World Class facilities

The Company is progressing ahead with its Excellent team, world–class Manufacturing Facilities, Validated Method technology and overall.

Punctual Delivery Time

Punctual – On Time. No One looks out how smart, capable and competent you are. If you’re habitually late, be it to work or on deadlines


Incorporated in 2000, it has over the last few years been successful

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Medical equipment Sector

Science has developed fast and medical equipment is now available in sophisticated forms and Aditya Group of companies has done well in this form. Import, as well as export and trade in medical equipm...
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Pharma Sector

Aditya Pharma Company has indeed manufactured several intermediate chemicals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Semi-finished Dosage Forms (Pellets & Granules) and Finished Formulations. Our...
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Chemical Sector

Aditya has facilities for the manufacture of derived products, which are downstream products for various pharmaceutical industries, with the exception of user-specific requirements. Aditya is one of t...
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Mining Sectors

Mining has been one of the major operations of Aditya Company and the focus has been ensuring the mines are well developed and contribute towards the national economy. Mining consultants of the comp...
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Import Sector

Aditya Company does import coal, coke, as well as anthracite and this, has well contributed towards its growth and development in the national economy. Industrial growth in the country does depend ...
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Pharmaceutical & Chemical candidates must be cheerful, and persuasive. They must be analytical, intelligent, and informed. They must continue to learn about new drugs and be quick to answer questions from potential customers, which are often doctors and other medical professionals. Representatives reflect the company. Production workers must be physically fit, mentally alert to oversee production lines and processes, and have the temperament to work at sometimes repetitive tasks. Administrative and managerial workers must be decisive leaders with empathy for workers at all levels of education and responsibility.

The most effective qualities that company deserves.

Leader ship skills,Organizational skills.Excellent written & verbal

communication.Intelligence,Honesty,Ambition & a strong work ethic


Our Achivements

Would Health Organisation

National Small Inustries Corporation

International Organization for Standardization